Clam Chowder Nightmare.

Victor’s 1959 Cafe in South Minneapolis was featured on Diner’s, Drive-ins and Dives on the Food Network channel. I went there tonight to try their featured items. My hubby and I split the “Ropa Vieja” which literally means: “old clothes”. This shredded flank steak is simmered in their own sherry-spiked Spanish red sauce with green and red peppers, garlic, onions and sweet green peas. Served with fried sweet plantains and accompanied by a sweet mango side of heaven. I also took the featured “Cubano sandwich” home that is shredded pork, mustard, pickles and ham on a to die for bun that I cannot even discribe. Randi our server was AWESOME and humerous! Great smiles, great service, and a great Dive!

The only thing I would suggest is to bring your own Sriracha (Hot chili sauce):0)

Carbone’s  in Lakeville, MN has got to have the BEST service ever. My husband and I have always received amazing service at the bar. However, one night we decided to sit at a table. It was pretty busy, but that did not stop our server from greeting us with a smile right  away. She took our drink orders and returned quickly with them. She checked back with us periodically; which I have to say was the perfect amount! My hat goes off to a server named Drew! (Jason …you are kind of a Big deal too;0)

Molly Cools Seafood Tavern in Lakeville has gone under new ownership! Yes….do you know what that means….Better menu, better food, and better management! They are NOT serving that ridiculous full lobster that tended to poop all over you plate and smell up the place. They are now serving lobster tails; which is what the customer wants unless they plan on disecting the full lobster after they eat the only good part….THE TAIL!

 They also have other new menu items, such as, Build your own sandwich (who doesn’t like to con-cock their own) which includes a choice of Protein,cheese, sides and sauce. They also added a BBQ Platter, Homestyle Pork Medallions, New York Strip and Surf and Turf Sliders and Kabob’s. I cannot wait to try the new and improved Molly Cool’s!

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  • poppop135: I agree hubbess. ;o) Needs more of a kick, but very good overall. It's a bit cramped, so make reservations. Seriously. It's TINY!