Molly Cools Seafood Tavern in Lakeville

Posted on: February 11, 2011

Molly Cools Seafood Tavern in Lakeville has gone under new ownership! Yes….do you know what that means….Better menu, better food, and better management! They are NOT serving that ridiculous full lobster that tended to poop all over you plate and smell up the place. They are now serving lobster tails; which is what the customer wants unless they plan on disecting the full lobster after they eat the only good part….THE TAIL!

 They also have other new menu items, such as, Build your own sandwich (who doesn’t like to con-cock their own) which includes a choice of Protein,cheese, sides and sauce. They also added a BBQ Platter, Homestyle Pork Medallions, New York Strip and Surf and Turf Sliders and Kabob’s. I cannot wait to try the new and improved Molly Cool’s!


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  • poppop135: I agree hubbess. ;o) Needs more of a kick, but very good overall. It's a bit cramped, so make reservations. Seriously. It's TINY!


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